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Softech Banking

By using Softech Banking, you will easily monitor the progress of any Loan disbursed and the entire performance of the company by reviewing the Financial statements generated by the software. The system is equipped with multiple user groups and rights to cater for user privileges.

Loan Disbursements

Softech Banking enables you disburse loans with a Single and Multiple Loan Terms with loan computing methods such as Flat and Declining with different interest rates.

Loan Repayments

Manage Loan Repayments for a single and multiple months, Prepaid and Postpaid payments, attach penalties on the payments that are over due and dynamic payment options.

Loan Rescheduling

Softech Banking offers you options for Topping up existing loans, Rescheduling and Compounding loans that are due or change their payment schedules and Loan Amounts.

Loan Portfolio Report

This report shows summaries of all the active loans. It shows Loan repayments, Pending payments for both principles and Interest and the Repayment Rates for each Loan.

Loan Installments and Arrears

Get Notifications and Reports about the Loan Installments due daily and Weekly and Loans into Arrears.

Incomes and Expenses

Monitor incomes from Interest on loans and other income sources as well as the Expenditure during the daily business operations. Review Daily, Monthly, Period and Yearly reports.

Customisable Reports

Softech Banking easily customizable by providing the reports you need basing on you taste. You can further export reports to PDF, MS Excel, Image and other file formats.

Financial Reports

Generate Daily, Monthly and Period Financial reports such as Income Statement, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet and be able to view the Financial Performance of the company.